The Raging Hierophant

Edward Gordon presents insights on the book of Revelation, end-of-the-world analysis through current events, revealed apocalyptic mysteries, and how to overcome it all. If the world has to end, you should be the first to know!

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Sunday Sep 17, 2023

Life doesn't end once you die; it only begins, and it could be a long wait for the resurrection. Ever thought about what you'll be doing? Edward discusses what happens after you die and what you should be doing on your astral plane. He also prescribes an exercise you can do now in preparation for living in the hereafter. Mentioned Links:
Veridican Church
Veridican Guide to the Book of Revelation: Four Horses of the Apocalypse

Friday Sep 08, 2023

Edward explains how the Church Age has ended, the tribulation has started, and atheism is taking over. He explains how atheism is inherently amoral and thus the world will not get any better. The tribulation will persist and increase.
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Tuesday Aug 02, 2022

(08/02/2022) Edward discusses how the woke agenda is not supposed to make sense. It’s supposed to be ludicrous, and you are supposed to become conditioned to believing it. (22 min.)

Friday Jul 29, 2022

(7/29/2022) Edward discusses the evolution of Facebook as a tool of the end-times and our need to overcome it. (18 min)

Thursday Jul 28, 2022

(16 min) No one can hide from the white horse! Edward discusses Tik Tok’s policy on harvesting info from our phones and how it’s a furtherance of the first seal, the white horse, of Revelation, and a tool for the burgeoning antichrist government.

Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

Rev. Edward Gordon discusses who and what the antichrist is and how we are being groomed to accept the beast even now.

Tuesday Jul 26, 2022

Edward discusses a new poll out that suggest 1/3 of American voters believe they may have take up arms against the U.S. Government. America must become weaker for the end-times scenario to play out. And it is weakening.

Monday Jul 25, 2022

Rev. Edward Gordon discusses the downside of technology and the white horse of revelation. The hopelessness people feel when they look at world events today. Everyone can feel the end coming. The Chinese are developing the ability to create a bioweapon targeted to individual DNA profiles. The elect are blessed because it's a chance to overcome. Answers a listener question about why certain books didn't make it into the bible.

Saturday Jul 23, 2022

Rev. Edward Gordon talks about how the seven churches of Revelation represent eras in the Church Age. He details what they were like and how the Church Age ultimately ended in 1993, giving way to the advent of Veridicanism.

Thursday Jul 21, 2022

Edward Answers Jason's question about the white horse of the second seal, and a bit about the red horse as well. Also, a bit of overview of Revelation. 

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